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  • 01-31.08.2019, Riccione (IT), Arena Giardino Cinema Summer Open Air Cinema: sonorization of the waiting minutes before the film projection with GTSSC recorded compositions and field recording sounds.
  • 01.12.2018, Palermo (IT), LeCattive Restaurant “Policies of Taste” XLVI Congress of the Italian Association of Semiotic Studies (AISS): concert on wine world soundscape.
  • 30.07.2018, Reggio Calabria (RC), Ecolandia Park Face Festival 2018: “RR_(R)umore(Re)espiro”, site-specific concert on Reggio Calabria and Ecolandia soundscape feat. Biagio Laponte and video by Claudio Martino.
  • 02.12.2017, Florence (IT), Palazzina Reale della Stazione Santa Maria Novella Tempo Reale Festival: public presentation of the residency work “RR_(R)umore(R)espiro”, audiovisual concert on Florence soundscape by GTSSC feat. Biagio Laponte.
  • 21.10.2017, Forlì (IT), EXATR In Loco special event by Spazi Indecisi Association: “Looking for a lost soundscape”, concert on the soundscape of the abandoned ex-club Woodpecker.
  • 22.04.2017, Florence (IT), Villa Strozzi Tempo Reale research centre: end of the artistic residency for the project “RR_(R)umore(R)espiro” feat. Biagio Laponte on Florence soundscape.
  • 01.04.2017, Riccione (IT), Spazio Tondelli Theatre: “Musica&Psicoanalisi” events: audio-visual concert.
  • 30.11.2016, Rimini (IT), New Wing of the Museum of the City “Laboratorio aperto” event by the City of Rimini: concert with the sounds of the Ancient Tiberio’s Bridge.
  • 18-19.11.2016, Florence (IT), Villa Strozzi: Tempo Reale research centre: starting the artistic residency for the project “RR_(R)umore(R)espiro” feat. Biagio Laponte on Florence soundscape.
  • 11.09.2016, Forlimpopoli (IT), Ex Aqueduct Spinadello Totally Lost exposition by Spazi Indecisi Association: site-specific concert on aqueduct soundscape.
  • 27.08.2016, Misano Adriatico (IT), Wave Alternative Club Molesto Festival: soundwalk + concert.
  • 17-18.07.2016, Rimini (IT), RIU Project Contemporary Space World Listening Day 2016: field recording workshop + concert + soundwalk.
  • 08.04.2016, Pesaro (IT), Il Grottino Club Electroacoustic Music event: concert + video projection + talk.
  • 11.12.2015, Rimini (IT), Multiplex LeBefane Cinema, Theater 1 Italian première of the film “VISITORS” by Godfrey Reggio, Philip Glass and Jon Kane: projection of the new video work CROSSING (10′) by Luca Mina, with music by Fabio Mina and Emiliano Battistini.
  • 01.10.2015, San Mauro Pascoli (IT), Ex Mir Mar Area: Cantiere Artistico exposition: sound installation “A sonic living room” + live set.
  • 09.08.2015, Rimini (IT), Ancient Tiberio’s Bridge reservoir: Presentation of the record on bridges soundscape “The Flow between”: site-specific concert.
  • 22-24.05.2015, Besenello (IT), Beseno Castle: Soundscapes & Sound Identities, 7th International FKL Symposium on Soundscape: video projection.
  • 17.03.2015, Bologna (IT), Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna Class “T+ Urban and Territorial Planning”: lecture on soundscape and GTSSC approach.
  • 06.02.2015, Bologna (IT), Conservatory of Bologna Third Day of the Italian Musical Artistic Research (RAMI Association): talk + audio-visual live set.
  • 27.06.2014, Reggio-Emilia (IT), Spazio Gerra Artistic Happening: concert on “Calatrava” High Speed Railway Station soundscape.
  • 06-20.06.2014, Forlì (IT), Spazio Apebianca Temporary exposition: audio-visual installation “The sea in the living room”.
  • 23-25.05.2014, Santarcangelo di Romagna (IT), Old Hospital Malafesta Festival: audio-visual installation “The sea in the living room”.
  • 23.05.2014, Rimini (IT), harbour of Rimini Biennial of Drawing: site-specific concert on the harbour of Rimini soundscape (GA/ER fellowship presentation work event).


Ground-to-Sea Sound Collective born in 2013 in Rimini (IT) founded by musician Fabio Mina, musician-researcher Emiliano Battistini and videomaker-musician Luca Mina, and supported by GA/ER (Giovani Artisti Emilia-Romagna) Association, winning as the first artistic project the GA/ER fellowship of the same year.

The project goal was – and it is still today – the creation of site-specific concerts, where landscape sounds become like a music ensemble to interact with. To do that, our artistic action is based on the discovery of the soundscape of a specific place. The field recording practice is, in this case, much more beyond the documentation: it represents the starting point of the musical composition and improvisation. However, every collect of sounds on the field produces a sonic archive that we can use for sound installations, pedagogical actions, talks, films, records and so on.

Mixing together ecological and natural interests, valorization of cultural heritage and music, and starting from the town of Rimini (IT), Ground-to-Sea takes the sea and the places around it as its first inspiration source. Acoustic waves like sea waves: if the sea makes a travel possible, across it, the sound itself travels and unifies far and close lands.

Besides sea sounds, over the last years our collective worked also on different kind of sounds and places. From an abandoned aqueduct building soundscape to a futurist high speed railway station one, from sounds of different bridges to the urban soundscape of famous art city, from sounds of wind to sounds of vineyards and wine cellars: everywhere there is a fascinating “music of the place” to listen to and to interact with!








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