RR_(R)umore(R)espiro (2017)

An audio-visual concert by GTSSC & Biagio Laponte

The research on the relationship between instrumental-electroacoustic music, videomaking and soundscape by Ground-to-Sea Sound Collective (Emiliano Battistini, Fabio Mina, Luca Mina) meets the researches on chaos and noise by Biagio Laponte to give birth – thanks to the residency program KATE by Tempo Reale – to “RR_(R)umore(R)espiro”, an audio-visual performance on the concept of “environment”:  a journey from the urban chaos to the breathe of the nature, from the center to the peripheral, from contraction to relaxation, from fullness to emptiness, from identified to undefined as new source of possibilities.

The sound part, composed by three “voices” orchestrated in live (synthetic electronic sounds, concrete sounds made by field recording and instrumental music by flute and winds), relates macrocosm and microcosm, background and figure, taking inspiration from the structural dimension of the landscape, natural or urban, meant as a generator of compositional models. The soundscape becomes a model from which take example to outline the purely musical composition.

The gradation of field and the transition between different environments is shot by the visual part, in an attempt to recreate the perceptions while crossing one landscape, one landscape that becomes really living environment thanks to the practice of crossing, to being involved in the place, to the perceptive proximity as compared to the detached sightseen of a panorama.

Emiliano Battistini (soundscape composition), Biagio Laponte (live electronics, synth), Fabio Mina (flute, winds, effects), Luca Mina (video).

Lenght 45’, for quadrophonic audio system and video projection.

The work has been conceived and achieved in 2017, during the residency sessions in the studios of the center of research, production and pedagogy of music Tempo Reale (Villa Strozzi, Florence, IT).

Besides the work in studio, several field recording sessions have been carried out in the following places:

– Florence (IT) city center;

– Arno embankment (Florence, IT);

– Vaglia (Florence, IT) railway station;

– Bocca di Serchio and Marina di Vecchiano (Pisa, IT), in the “Migliarino San Rossore Massaciuccoli Natural Park” on the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Public performances:

– July 30th 208, Reggio Calabria (RC), Ecolandia, FACE Festival;

– December 2nd 2017, Florence (IT), Royal Gallery of the Santa Maria Novella Railway Station, Tempo Reale Festival;

– October 29th 2017, Rimini (IT), Spazio RIU Porject, public rehearsal.