Crossing (2015)

A short film by Ground-to-Sea Sound Collective

Crossing (2015, 10′) is a short film by Luca Mina, with music and sound design by Fabio Mina and Emiliano Battistini.

Shot in the heart of the Miramare district of Rimini (IT), this film deals with the topic of “crossing”: a district, a street, a beach, but also proper perceptions and sensations. In fact, the protagonist is not only the human subject, but in the same way the visual and sonic landscape that the first one is crossing.

In specific, landscape and soundscape of Miramare district in winter time are here protagonists likely the ending point of the walk: the sea.

This short film has been presented at Multiplex LeBefane Cinema of Rimini, on December 11th 2015, opening the Italian première of the film “Visitors” by Godfrey Reggio, Philip Glass e Jon Kane, and in the occasion of the presentation of the book by Cristina Cano and Emiliano Battistini “Musica e Cinema nel Dopoguerra Americano: Minimalismo e Postminimalismo”, Roma, Gremese Editore (2015).