Sonic Living Room (2015)

Sound installation + live set

In occasion of the collective exhibition Cantiere Artistico 2015, in a beautiful abandoned shoe factory in San Mauro Pascoli (Forlì-Cesena, IT), La stanza di Dorothy group invited us to present a work for their space “Oxygen 1.0”.

The space was a sort of a poetic “wunderkammer” living room, composed by second hand furniture and full of ready mades and objects found in the street.

So, we proposed a sonorization of the room with a live set at the end of the evening: a “sonic living room”, where people were dipped in soundscapes in perpetual movement while sitting in the armchairs or while walking freely in the room.

From 7pm to 9pm, the sound of the room changed shape through a dreamlike journey that came alive thanks to soundscapes of close or far places. Like the dream, that works for Freud through translation and condensation of elements, of the present and of the past, the long-lasting sonorization born from the condensation and translation of soundscapes, recent and passed, collected by Emiliano Battsitini. The climax of the journey was entrusted to Fabio Mina and his flute and musical improvisation, in dialog with the concrete sounds of live electronics by Emiliano Battistini, in a final live set.

Like every living room, there was a little TV too: the video “The Flow between” by Luca Mina, showed the meeting between the artists and the soundscapes of six bridges in Rimini county, the last sonic research by Ground-to-Sea Sound Collective.

Sound Installation: 4 speakers in the four corners of the room, sound card, laptop; quadrophonic soundscape composition (90′).

Emiliano Battistini: soundscape composition, sound installation, live electronics;

Fabio Mina: flute, winds, effects;

Luca Mina: video.

Public presentation on November 1st 2015 at Cantiere Artistico collective exhibition, Ex Mir Mar factory, San Mauro Pascoli (Forlì-Cesena, IT). Curated by La stanza di Dorothy group.