Harbour of Rimini Soundscape (2013-2014)

Site-specific concert and sonic research on sea sounds

Ground-to-Sea Sound Collective – Music in local soundscapes is winner projects of the call for artist “Il prodotto della creatività/GECO2” issued in 2013 by GA/ER (Giovani Artisti Emilia-Romagna) Association based in Forlì (IT). Conceived and proposed by Rimini based artists Emiliano Battistini, Fabio Mina and Luca Mina, the project has been evaluated as one of the three worthy project on the twenty rewarded by GA/ER and on the other projects coming from every part of Emilia-Romagna region.

The aim of the project was – and it is still today – the creation of site-specific concert where music and video dialogs during the live performance with the specific soundscape of the place. Moreover, music is composed starting by sounds and frequencies collected through field recording, while video work is inspired by landscape. Initially, the collective interest was to study sea sounds and  sonic environment of seaside towns, starting from Rimini and its harbor and beach.

In order to present publically Ground-to-Sea Sound Collective project, artists proposed a site-specific concert on Rimini harbor soundscape. Rimini harbor sounds were used to create music: sounds of the place (shore sounds, water on rocks sounds, underwater sounds, truly notes generated by wind passing through rock holes and metal tubes, etc.) have been amplified thanks to a series of special microphones (hydrophones, contact mics, etc.) and mixed with music played by traditional instruments, like flute and guitar. The event took place on the harbor promenade: musicians improvised following the ongoing sounds of water and wind.

The purpose of the event was to promote the place through its sonic sources, its proper sounds: in the case of Rimini, the specific sounds of its harbor and sea. Paying attention to soundscape, such as to environmental sounds, both natural and human, helps to realize our relationship with nature, our way to live the place and its quality of life. Ground-to-Sea Sound Collective wanted – and it wants even now – to raise awareness on ecology, to make people think and to amuse them through art and music.

The project was supported and had the Patronage of: GA/ER (Giovani Artisti / Emilia-Romagna) Association, Youth Department of the Prime Minister’s Office, Emilian-Romagna Region, Provence of Rimini, Municipality of Rimini, FKL-Forum Klanglandschaft Italy.

Moreover, a series of local associations, business activities and single citizens sponsored the project: Nautical Club of Rimini, Italian Sailors National Association, Italian Naval League, Sea Workers Cooperative, Marina Centro Tourism Committee, San Giuliano Mare Tourism Committee, Restaurant of the Sailors, Tullio&Daniela hairdressers, Teatro è Libertà Association.

Emiliano Battistini: el. guitar, effects, field recording;

Fabio Mina: flute, winds, effects, field recording;

Luca Mina: video.